We offer a dedicated specialist Insurance service for the jewellery industry including...



  • Retailers

  • Jeweller designers

  • Manufacturers

  • Repairers

In addition

  • Fine art risks

  • Bullion

  • Museums/galleries

  • Superanuation collections

  • Private collections

  • High value home insurance

Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd specialise in arranging Jewellers Block Insurance to the Jewellery, Diamond, Bullion, Coin and Fine Art trades.

The Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd team are specialists on being able to negotiate the Jewellers Block Insurances for any business requirements including Retail & Wholesale Jewellers, Wholesale Traders, Art Galleries, Private Collections and Superannuation Investments. Public & Products Liability, Business Interruption and Building.

The Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd Jewellers Block Insurance policy is underwritten by Berkley Insurance Company. Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd are able to include Public and Products Liability and Business Interruption cover in the one Jewellers Block Insurance policy.

The Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd Jewellers Block Insurance policy enhancements include (and are not limited to):

  • - Crime excess $250.00 and nil for sendings.

  • - Working upon Cover

  • - Fidelity Guarantee

  • - Wearing Risk

  • - Seasonal Increase for November, December and January

  • - 10% No Claim Bonus payable to you upon policy renewal


It would be our pleasure if one of the Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd Team could discuss further with you your particular Jewellers Block Insurance requirements and present a Jewellers Block Insurance quotation to assist your business, we are confident Primassure (Australia) Pty Ltd can offer very competitive rates and policy conditions on our Jewellers Block Insurance Policy to suit your business model.